611 Main Street

Main 1

We first noted this proposal following the ‘Historic Area Height Review’ that allowed buildings in very limited locations in the Downtown Eastside to a total height of 150′ back in 2011.

611 Main188 Keefer (611 Main) 3Most recently we showed you the model that went to the Public Hearing in 2013 (on the right). The rezoning was approved with two floors of commercial space, and over 150 units of housing. We’re looking at the Keefer Street side of the building, which was renamed to 188 Keefer for more accurate addressing. The left hand image (above) shows how it came out in reality.

The building is just being completed on the corner of Main and Keefer, on the west side of the street, replacing a long-abandoned Casino building. Designed by W T Leung for Westbank Projects, it’s mostly condos, but there are 22 seniors rental housing units included as well. Another Main Street site on the other side of Keefer was the first to be completed here, and another scheme to the south which turned out to be a rental project by Bosa was rezoned later, but completed slightly sooner.

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