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There’s been much speculation, and relative silence recently, about the fate of the Herzog & de Meuron  ‘stack of boxes’ design for the Vancouver Art Gallery’s proposed relocation to the City-owned Larwill Park site. With no sign of the needed several hundred million dollars to realize the plan, and a time limit on moving ahead, the gallery has taken a bold new direction.

Another architectural firm have been commissioned – Stackem and Weldit of Long Beach, California. Their approach is to cut costs for the new building while providing a colourful reference to the city’s trading history. Recycled materials will be used extensively, and local artist and author Douglas Coupland will advise on the arrangement of the colours of the new building’s main materials. The building is arranged as a hollow rectangle, with a glazed atrium suspended off the upper stack of boxes.

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2 Responses to Vancouver Art Gallery

  1. Glen Swain says:

    It’s attractive all right, but I just can’t get behind the thought of the city’s major art gallery being located outside of the city’s centre. No w it’s available by many bus routes, is a major meeting place for people getting together, where people can rush to the gift shop to round out their Xmas gift buying, and it has great outdoor areas to sit in the sun and watch the world go by (and that really is where people from all over the world are out walking around from their hotels, etc). For me. it would be like trekking out to the suburbs just to see one of the often mediocre exhibits our gallery puts on. >

  2. Ralph Segal says:

    Love your April 1st post! And it begs the question…what is happening with the design?

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