Proximity – West 2nd Avenue

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Here’s the completed 11 storey building called Proximity, designed by IBI/HB for Bastion, and a partner to Opsal, the 24 storey tower on the same block. The iconic Opsal Steel sheds were dismantled and carried off site for clean up and later re-assembled and reused as the Steel Toad brewpub. It’s nearly five years since we first looked at the proposed building.

Proximity render 1It wasn’t initially clear that it would be a strata project, but once the Opsal tower sold out the sales centre was converted to sell this project.

Between the two Bastion buildings is a hand car wash who chose to stay, sandwiched by the new buildings.

The final design isn’t entirely the same as the initial renders; the balconies aren’t as recessed, and the colour is creamy beige rather than the grey that’s suggested in this illustration. The finished building seems a little more industrial, which is the intent of the design guidelines for this part of Southeast False Creek.

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