1015 Denman Street

1015 Denman

It was once a Starbucks, a Book Warehouse and short-lived sofa store, and for at least 1015 Denmanthree years this part of Denman (on the corner of Nelson) was a cleared site. Now, three years after we posted the render of the proposed building, it’s complete. In fact, it’s been finished for a while – we were hoping to show it with new tenants already occupying the building, but so far there have been no takers for the new space.

The history of the development is even more complex – the same owner initially successfully rezoned the site to allow residential uses on four upper floors, but then dropped that version of the project. This version has just two floors of all commercial use designed by DYS Architecture.

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One Response to 1015 Denman Street

  1. beach650 says:

    I would love a commercial real estate person to explain how it makes business sense to allow retail spaces sit vacant for years vs lowering the rent and having a start-up business move in. This seems really common in Vancouver.

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