Sequel 138, East Hastings Street


The shell of E E Blackmore’s 1907 Pantages Theatre on East Hastings Street had already been demolished when we showed the design of the proposed replacement almost four years ago. We looked at the initial proposal in July 2011 which sought a 6-storey residential building with 12 retail units on the main floor.

Sequel 138 v2 renderA total of 97 units were proposed, most as ‘low cost home ownership’ but 18 have been sold below cost to a non-profit housing group for rental. The project, designed by Studio One Architecture, saw the Urban Design Panel unanimously reject the first version, but a revised design (shown here) received unanimous support and the project was approved in April 2012 at the Development Permit Board.

The building is now pretty much complete – five storeys of woodframe structure (over a concrete main floor). The colours were revised, and probably blend in a little better with the adjacent heritage buildings.

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One Response to Sequel 138, East Hastings Street

  1. Such a shame that all levels of government and the interested parties could not save The Pantages. Actually, shame on all of us.

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