535 Granville Street

535 GranvilleMost of the blocks up the hill to the south of here are part of the Pacific Centre Mall. This building stands alone, and was originally built in the mid 1980s, designed by Charles Bentall, Architect, which would suggest it might well have been developed by the Bentall investment company.

You can see the appearance of the Bentall designed building as it appeared in 2014, and what was here before that was developed when it was home to the Canadian National Railway office (developed and designed by Thomas Fee) here.

Having been sold to new owners, they have radically changed the appearance by taking the existing almost windowless stone facade off and repurposed the space as offices, replacing the stone with this disconcertingly asymmetrical glazed curtain wall designed by Studio One Architects.

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One Response to 535 Granville Street

  1. Studio One has done a lot of work further south on Granville. Unfortunately most of that, and this latest project, does not exude a quality of design or material that is appropriate for a major city street.

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