980 Howe Street

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Just as London buses are said to appear – you wait for ever and then five arrive at once – so Howe St office modelit seemed a few years ago that office projects in Downtown Vancouver were arriving in a multi-million square foot crowd. This office isn’t a tower – it’s 15 storeys and has replaced a parking lot and single storey Royal Bank branch across from the Law Courts.

The architects are CEI – a design firm with few previous buildings Downtown although with a lot of previous experience. They collaborated with Endall Elliot, and the building has 268,900 sq ft of space.

980 Howe 2Four years ago, when we first feature the building, the model didn’t reveal the fritted glass and crisp lines.

There’s also has a striking public art feature built into the east-facing glazing, with four bands of dichroic glass designed by PECHET studio, that reflect the light during the day, (like the vent covers on the Shangri La tower), but are also back-lit at night.

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One Response to 980 Howe Street

  1. John Wilson says:

    It’s nice to see the attention that was paid to the top floor/roof top.

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