8X on the Park – 1111 Richards Street

1111 Richards render 1We first featured this tower in February 2013, and then again a month later – at that time it was named for the cross street – 508 Helmcken. We suggested then that the design would change, as the Urban Design Panel found the first version somewhat overbearing for its context right next to the Emery Barnes Park.

508 Helmcken v2 render 21111 richardsSure enough it changed in remarkably short order, supported by the panel (although only by a 5-3 margin). It was simpler, squarer and quite a bit more contemporary in its design – we’ve shown it on the left. A version of the earlier design in shown on the right.

Now, after a hiatus for a number of legal cases that eventually allowed the scheme to proceed, there’s a new version submitted for a development permit, with one additional rental unit – now 110 of them – but fewer condos – 278 of them; (originally there were 355 proposed). After being referenced as 1111 Richards, it’s now got a project name – 8X on the Park.

For now there’s a 3-storey non-market housing project that dates to the mid 1980s, called Jubilee House. The site for the new tower will be bigger than the existing building as it includes the now unused lanes behind and beside the current building. It was once part of a block of mixed commercial spaces, but today everything except the 1910 Lightheart Brothers building next door is Emery Barnes Park.

This new version still has a pre-school and kindergarten occupying the base of the tower. The scheme is tied to another site across Helmcken Street that used to have a Montessori school. A development on that site is close to completion; a 13 storey replacement for Jubilee House with over 160 units of new non-market housing.

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8 Responses to 8X on the Park – 1111 Richards Street

  1. Ella says:

    As a nearby resident, I can’t believe that they are proposing such a large building right next to the park. Traffic congestion will become a nightmare for those who travel via Seymour or Richards, and all the noise from Granville will seep into the area. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Rob West says:

      The highest density projects are *supposed* to be located next to public amenities such as parks…

    • Rico says:

      I doubt 500 units is enough to affect traffic on Seymour or Richards, not sure how a new building will cause noise from Granville to seep into the area (a building should block noise). Seems to me a good place for density. I like the new design much better although it seems to me the ‘podium’ portion is a bit blank.

    • Andrew Browne says:

      Of all the possible reasons to slag the project you chose traffic? This will have an effect so low its unmeasurable.

      However, it remains too tall and overbearing for being so near to the park.

  2. Jay king says:

    Great building, if u live downtown, downtown is suppose to have congestion and traffic, this is not the burbs

  3. karl says:

    The Architect and Urban Design Panel should be most concerned with the park side vantage rather then a generic street view.

  4. greg says:

    I agree with Rico, the podium needs work. How about a design that would complement the Lightheart Brothers Building?

  5. Jean-Guy says:

    When will we stop living with a suburban fishing village mentality. The reason we build up and in a concentrated area is to promote city living … and yes, get cars off the roads that are commuting from distances that truly affect our environment. Imagine a big building by a park…WOW what a novel concept. It’s a great building….modern, and a step up from the cookie cutter crap being built in the city.

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