228 West 5th Avenue

288 W8th

Just completed, this striking building has just been given an additional cantilevered floor of office space. Another project in the Mount Pleasant industrial area, it’s actually quite a modest amount of space; around 7,000 sq. ft. of office with a tiny 1,500 sq. ft. warehouse on the main floor. Originally it was a storage warehouse with office above. The building’s 2-storey incarnation in 2004 and the makeover were designed by Yamamoto Architecture.

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4 Responses to 228 West 5th Avenue

  1. gordon rea says:

    Ecco Il Pane was in the small building to the right in the picture. This was a vacant lot until the building was built to house a car collection approx 12 years ago.

    • ChangingCity says:

      We could easily be mistaken, but we thought Ecco Il Pane expanded into here from the building next door when they started producing part-baked bread and distributing it to other outlets, not long before they went out of business.

      • gordon rea says:

        There was no building next door at that time. Ecco Il Panne expanded by closing down their cafe and having 2 containers in the back parking lot. Not long after the Terra Bread Bakery opened a couple blocks away and that was the end for Ecco. I still miss the bread and pastries. ( I live on that block of Alberta street for the past 16.5 years ). The building in your article was built for a car collection.

      • ChangingCity says:

        Thanks for the local knowledge! We’ve edited the post.

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