The Arc – 89 Nelson Street

The ArcThis site has had three earlier names; it’s also been 10 Terry Fox Way, 47 Nelson Street and Area 5B of the BC Place/Expo District. It’s half of the remaining Concord Pacific land immediately to the west of the BC Place Stadium. The buildings were first proposed in 2007, before One Pacific (already under construction to the east of this site) was designed. Back in 2011 it was part of the package of development that included the hotels and relocated casino. While those were approved, this one wasn’t. Unusually, it wasn’t a huge public outcry, or an unacceptable design, but the public benefit package offered by Concord Pacific that sent it back to the proponents.

For the rezoning a year ago the design stayed the same, a curved paired arc of two 29 and 30 storey buildings designed by James Cheng, with a three multi-storey apartment bridge links, and two storeys of commercial space at the base. The rezoned project had 620 units (up from the 543 market apartments in the earlier version) and a new benefits package was accepted by Council. The seawall between the Plaza of Nations and Quebec Street is getting a much-needed upgrade, and a new Paddling Centre is being built at the end of the Creek. Various other contributions were also offered to a number of other enhancement projects in the area, and the city received a Concord-owned site on Hastings Street, across from Woodwards, for a future non-market housing scheme.

Now the development permit has been submitted, and it’s a quite different (and more interesting) design. The architect now is Walter Francl, and the scheme features a curved bridge design with dark cladding that should fit in well with the other surrounding projects that have charcoal and bronze glazing. The new version has 588 units and 29 floors, and Concord already have a promotional website set up for pre-sales interest in the project.

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2 Responses to The Arc – 89 Nelson Street

  1. David says:

    Any updates regarding this site? The city says the final approval is still not in place, yet I’ve heard concord has already sold the majority of the units. Being that it is still in the final approval stages, I can’t find the development permit on the cities website. Nothing under 998 Beatty, 47 Nelson or 89 Nelson. Thank You

    • ChangingCity says:

      For a complicated building like this it often takes a while to get all the permit details approved. That’s especially true where there has been a conditional approval – the developer has to make a series of changes to meet code or design requirements. The development permit is only issued once all those have been met. The developer often makes changes as well, either to make the project more affordable to build, or because when the detailed design is being worked up changes become necessary for structural or building code requirements. After that they have to get the building and trades permits, and while those are co-ordinated with the development permit, they often require design changes as well. With luck the overall project will move forward soon. It’s possible the new foreign buyers tax might have affected some sales, but that may not be a major problem for a large developer like Concord.

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