Shine – 273 East 6th Avenue

Shine final

Here’s a Mount Pleasant artist live-work project that started selling in 2013. It sits right across the street from District, and it’s designed by North Vancouver based SHIFT Architecture (who have designed other Vancouver buildings under another name, and more recently some of the first apartments in the Fraser Riverside New Water project).

ShineThis was the biggest project so far tackled by the developer, Imani Development. It wasn’t a rezoning, but took just over a year from when it was submitted before it headed to market.

Now complete, the colour initially looked more vibrant than the render suggested. Generally the realized project sees either the same or more muted treatment There are horizontal shades installed over the green painted concrete that make the appearance much less vibrant than before they were added.

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2 Responses to Shine – 273 East 6th Avenue

  1. John Wilson says:

    I’m not in love with the way it appears that the gound floor is sunk down from the sidewalk, but it’s hard to tell for sure from these images. Creating awkward entranceways to ground floor commercial units too often results in spaces that nobody wants, and they sit empty with “For Lease” signs on them forever.

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