MNP Tower – 1021 West Hastings Street

MNP 7.15It’s just over three years since we posted details of this office tower. It received a development permit in early April 2011 for a 420′ tall 35 storey office tower squeezed between the Marine Building and the Guinness Tower. Oxford Properties have developed the $150m project that sees the University Club facade preserved, and the tower soaring above and around the restored feature.

The building curves out slightly at the bottom, round at the sides, and over at the top. The design is from New York’s Kohn Pederson Fox, working with Musson Cattell Mackey of Vancouver (who created an initial design for the site that was rejected by the Design Panel).

The announcement of the tower said “The Oxford tower will be built with a focus on sustainability, including energy-saving triple-paned glass panels and a special heating and ventilation system called ventilated refrigerant flow system. The system, popular in Japan but not in wide use in North America, does not use ducts and allows for separate climate controls for different parts of a building.”

Here’s how the completed building matches the leasing render. Looks like it was built as promised.

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One Response to MNP Tower – 1021 West Hastings Street

  1. The way that it frames the Marine building looking west down Hastings from Hornby is incredible. A total triumph in my opinion.

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