The Jervis – 1177 Jervis Street

1177 JervisThis tower can now be developed on the corner of Davie and Jervis, and is the first (but by no means likely to be the last) project that has emerged from the recent West End Plan. Limited parts of the West End allow greater density where the project adds non-market housing.

This NSDA Architects designed 19-storey tower for Intracorp has 63 condo units (almost all 2-bedroom) and there will be 28 non-market units. There’s a small retail unit on the corner of Davie and Jervis – seen here in the model reviewed by the Urban Design Panel only a month after the application was available on the city website. Davie will also see some townhouse units in the scheme that has already been given a Development Permit, just about three months since we first featured it here.

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4 Responses to The Jervis – 1177 Jervis Street

  1. Blair Smith says:

    1177 Davie would be east of Bute St, not the corner of Jervis. 1177 would be roughly where the bar/lounge 1181 is!

  2. tom chalmers says:

    There goes my view 😦

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