Keefer Block – 189 Keefer Street


Keefer Block 2015

Here’s an edge of Chinatown building that we first looked at when it was proposed three years ago. It was built to the area’s zoning, so wasn’t slowed by the rezoning process, and now completed (with a restaurant and coffee shop fitting out and opening soon) it looks almost exactly like the model of the approved building.

189 Keefer render 5

Solterra picked up a 1970s two storey building on the corner of Keefer and Main Streets, (the north-west corner) in November 2011 for a reported $6.5 million. Rafii Architects designed a 10 storey 81 condo unit project over two floors of retail and office (three commercial units are on a mezzanine floor).

Keefer Street is on the left; Main Street is on the right of the image. The scheme was approved by the Development Permit Board after the Urban Design Panel gave it unanimous support. It’s the first of a series of new buildings in Chinatown that will introduce more residents to an area that has been in decline for many years.

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3 Responses to Keefer Block – 189 Keefer Street

  1. dave says:

    very nice.

  2. not sure says:

    Yep, the building is quite nice, and it never hurts to have a Starbucks on the ground floor. Walking around it, it still feels kind of foreign in that area though, and perhaps a floor or two too high. But sooner or later many more developments of that kind will pop up there, such as on the other side of Keefer.

  3. Mike says:

    It would be very cool if the Starbucks could put up a Chinese Starbucks (星巴克) sign, just because of its location, to at least pay some homage to the historic neighbourhood.

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