7 E6th and 7 W6th Avenue


7 E6th

Here’s another example of how the Mount Pleasant industrial area continues to evolve.  We published the render a year ago when this 50′ site had a 1907 house on a corner lot. Now this 18,000 square foot office 7 E6th renderand industrial building has replaced it. We weren’t sure initially who the architect was, but it is MallenGowingBerzins architects (MGBA), a firm with a lot of recent history for designing interior spaces in the city, (including some of our favourite bar restaurants) but relatively few buildings.

This might be start of a trend – there’s now an almost identical twin immediately across the street to replace an older single-storey industrial building (appropriately called ‘The Mirror Building’). This one has clothing manufacturing on the main floor, and then two floors of office above. There’s now a coloured render for this one too.

7 W6th

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2 Responses to 7 E6th and 7 W6th Avenue

  1. marg says:

    Can we not save the 1907 house?

    • ChangingCity says:

      It’s long gone – they started building the new project almost immediately after the approval was issued. When BC Hydro offered two houses in the Mount Pleasant industrial area to anyone who wanted them – for free – there were no takers (see the post on the BC Hydro sub station). The cost of moving old houses, and the lack of anywhere obvious to move them to, means that when there are stragglers left over Downtown or in an industrial area, unless there’s a significant heritage value they’re unlikely to be viable candidates for re-use.

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