Burrard Place

Burrard Place 1We first posted this project nearly four years ago. The project was rezoned in 2014, and now the final design for the first tower has been past the Urban Design Panel. The project has a revised name – it used to be Burrard Gateway.

There will be two residential towers, office and retail on the Downtown Toyota site. A high building review was held for a 525 foot tower, and now the scheme has been further refined. the Urban Design Panel have already reviewed and supported the previous design.

In April 2011 the first version of the tower failed to show “architectural creativity and excellence, while making a significant contribution to the beauty and visual power of the city’s skyline”. A revised version got a more positive reception, and now we can see what the latest model for the scheme looks like. Overall there are over 800 units, mostly condo but also 87 rental units. Only the taller 54 storey tower is proposed in the first phase, with a grid design on one corner slightly reminiscent of the Bjark Ingles designed tower proposed not too far away on Howe Street

Bing Thom Burrard 3The biggest change to the project was to the office component. While IBI/HB have designed the residential towers, Bing Thom Architects totally redesigned the Burrard Street office building. It incorporates the 3-storey Toyota dealership into an extraordinarily curved and twisted office tower that will, when it gets built, be one of the most exciting building seen in the city in years.

The office should be going forward soon, and recent renders don’t show any significant difference. The second tower may change more, as it included a ‘busy’ screen elements that seem to no longer feature on the first tower (where they were a far less prominent part of the design in the first place). Apparently a third residential tower might be in the works as well, as Reliance Properties are said to have secured the 7-11 building at the northern end of the Hornby Street block and have indicated they want to build a tower of (very) micro suites.

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5 Responses to Burrard Place

  1. scott says:

    Why does this city rarely take itself seriously, it’s becoming embarrassing.
    All of these twisty, faceted, pointy, sticky outee, swoopy buildings… christ, give it a rest. Vancouver’s architecture is like a theme park and this project is the latest ride. Where is the elegance and poise in these buildings?

    Uninspired mediocrity

    • Cam Drysdale says:

      Because no body wants to pay for a masterpiece and no local architects are capable of making one if they wanted to anyway. Big heads, small ideas. Some of the most inspiring buildings I have seen lately are coming out of Surrey Central with the SFU campus and the new Library done by Bing Thom, I feel like they are begining to understand what an originally cultured architecture might look like. Just my opinion though.

  2. Rico says:

    The one render of the office building looks fantastic, but it also looks extremely akward to use because it is so skinny at the end.

  3. Frank says:

    I think, if our architecture is bland, it’s the result of too much planning, not too little.

  4. not sure says:

    The office building is nice (anything but a featureless glass box), but looks like it should be twice as high to actually ‘work’ and have an impact? The residential tower is ok. And it better be, given that it will be one of the highest downtown towers. At least no more awful Concord-Pacific-Yaletown design.

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