Spot – 2800 Cambie Street


Spot Cambie & 12th 2015

Here’s the slightly altered version of the newly named ‘Spot’, seen and OK’d by the Urban Design Panel before it gets a Development Permit. It’s a slight variation on the third attempt to design a building for this site. (That’s the earlier version, below).  It first showed up in April 2012, and was redesigned in the summer if 2013. Council won’t have to travel to if they want to see it once it’s built; it’s across the street from City Hall, on the corner of 12th Avenue and Cambie.

IBI 12th & CambieEarlier designs by Fougere Architecture for Shato Holdings (who own White Spot – there’s an existing restaurant on the southern half of the site) were rejected by the Urban Design Panel. IBI/HB’s design has a much more contemporary look than the rejected earlier attempts, and the final version has fewer units, and just two layers, not the three in the image here. The new building has 8 rental units as well as 125 condos, and a relocated heritage house on 13th Avenue.

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