420 Hawks Avenue

720 Hawks newHere’s an interesting project that is now a rezoning proposal. The developer, the Atira Women’s Resource Society have developed a proposal to build an ambitious recycled shipping container housing scheme. It would be on Hawks Avenue behind the totally renovated Rice Block, a heritage building with non-market housing. Atira developed the recent Alexander Street container housing that was clearly considered successful enough to replicate.

We can’t find any existing container-based housing seven storeys tall, so this could be a first (although there’s a hotel in England that stacked nine rows of containers to form the structure). Unlike the first project which had 12 studio units, this one will have a mix of one and two bed units – (the one beds are made from two 20-foot containers: the 2-bed take three). We now know the architects are Boni Maddison, and this is a new render (that we’ve fixed the perspective on a bit) which shows the view looking north up Hawks Avenue to East Hastings, showing the container parentage of the structure.

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One Response to 420 Hawks Avenue

  1. David Greaves says:

    There is an Open House scheduled for Monday, March 2, 2015 from 5-8pm.

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