999 Seymour Street

999 Seymour999 Seymour is one of the residential projects that returned from recession limbo. The building is a commercial and residential project developed on what was a parking lot for many years. The scheme when it was first designed and rezoned at the end of 2007 had 115 units on 21 floors designed by Acton Ostrey Architects for Townline Homes.

What was built is a revised version of the scheme with 150 units in 22 floors (the building height stayed the same; the floor-to-ceiling height of the units got slightly squeezed). 24,000 sq ft of commercial space has been provided (a requirement under the zoning of the area) with retail uses on the main floor.

The project is interesting because the faces of the tower show quite different character on different facades. The 999 Seymour render 2012Seymour façade is quite restrained; the face towards Nelson Street is the most dramatic, with lit green (and blue) glazed panels, and moveable sliding screens on the balconies, while the face to ‘The Spot’ next door has a more muted pattern of beige and brown panels.

The building hasn’t changed since we published the marketing image in February 2012, and the end result shows even some small sites can be built at higher densities successfully (This building comes in with a density over nine times the site area, 9.7 FSR in total).

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One Response to 999 Seymour Street

  1. The architecture and style of theses places is great for the Seymour St condo district.

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