Lido (1650 Quebec Street)

Lido 3

Like Central next door, another Southeast False Creek project has just been completed. Lido 1The rezoning for 1650 Quebec (which was marketed as Lido) was approved by City Council in mid-May 2011. The Urban Design Panel got a second look at the scheme at the end of June before the developers, Bosa Properties, get their Development Permit considered by the appropriate Board. The project, first submitted in 2008 and designed by Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams is for two buildings. On Main Street there’s an eight storey STIR rental block, while Quebec has the bigger 18-storey condo building. With Onni’s second project, Block 100, already appearing above ground on the adjacent site, this stretch of Main Street will feel very different in a year or so.

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