Modern – 1305 Burrard Street


Modern by Amacon has just completed construction on the former Commercial Electronics store Modern Burrard render 2location on Burrard Street. A modest (by Downtown standards) 17 storeys in height (due to a viewcone across the site), the final version of the IBI/HB designed tower has 118 units over retail. Like the YMCA ‘Patina’ tower and Shangri La, this tower is in the West End, although rezoned within the Downtown zoning district. It’s been just over two years from the first work on site.

The finished building looks pretty close to the sales pictures, although the shade of blue for the spandrel panels is quite a bit lighter than was implied in some initial renders, and the yellow highlights were coloured green on the initial project model.

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One Response to Modern – 1305 Burrard Street

  1. Guest says:

    I like the look of the left (south) side of the façade better – without the spandrel.
    From what I gather, the balconies provide enough shading that they can meet LEED requirements to reduce solar gain, whereas the side without the balconies needs to reduce window area (and consequently adding spandrel).
    I think more building should adopt the balcony as “sun shade” approach, rather than the proliferation of seemingly random glass spandrel panels (although this one at least has a somewhat regular grid of spandrel)

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