South Creek Landing – 2211 Cambie Street


This “architecturally ambitious” project is now close to completion. It received an approval from the Development Permit Board at the end of 2011. The minutes recorded that then Director of Planning, Brent Todarian, said “he was willing to use the term iconic for this project and thought it was one of the best pieces of architecture he had seen in the five years he had been the Director of Planning”.

2211 Cambie modelThe building replaces the single storey restaurant last the home of Toyo Sushi, and before that a Korean restaurant. It’s a 6-storey building with 15 residential units over retail. The Urban Design Panel gave it unanimous support, and the project as built does look very much like the model that was first seen three years ago.

It’s one of the first designs from a company briefly called Iconstrux, headed by Arno Matis (who now has his name on the company), who was previously a director at Bing Thom Architects, and was involved with the design of the Sunset Community Centre and the Chan Centre at UBC. You can see the family likeness (as it were) in the curved shapes of this building which curves in both planes, as well as the angled elements of the balconies. Most remarkable is perhaps the fact that this is the first project by developer PortLiving. The building’s design is a notable contrast to the contemporary right-angles of most of the other buildings in the area including the Crossroads project a few blocks up Cambie Street.

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