Seaforth Armoury addition

Seaforth Armoury addition

This project has already reached the fourth (top) floor of the frame, but as far as we can tell it hasn’t got a Development Permit (and will possibly never get one). It’s being built by Carillion Construction for Defense Construction Canada, and the public announcement of the project (after it had already started) said the new building will cost around $31m. Once completed it will allow the Jericho Garrison (in West Point Grey) to be “divested” according to a military spokesman. There’s an additional retrofit and seismic upgrade to ensure the existing heritage Seaforth Armoury building (to the west, just in the render on the left) complies with the National Building Code of Canada and Department of National Defence standards.

There’s no confirmation of who the architects are, although bidding documents suggest a consortium of The Colborne Architectural Group/AMEC Americas Limited. The project hit a rocky patch at the end of 2013 when workers with the demolition subcontractor blockaded the site for non-payment. We have no idea if the design has evolved – although given that the project went ahead quite fast we’re guessing not a lot.

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One Response to Seaforth Armoury addition

  1. Scott says:

    What an embarrassment. A beautiful site in a fantastic quirky neighbourhood, adjacent to the wonderful existing armoury building – all ruined by such banal design! Whatever the future holds for the parcels immediately to the east and north (back side of the brewery) is surely compromised with this eye sore.

    The quality and character of that amateur rendering is a perfect portend to the building itself.

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