Salt – 1308 Hornby Street

Salt smIn 2011 we noted how Maddox, a 33 storey tower designed by IBI/HB, and Salt – this building – would change the neighbourhood. Both are now complete. Maddox is more colourful; the Hornby Street tower for Concert Properties designed by Bingham Hill is less so. It’s actually shorter than Maddox at 31 storeys, but somehow seems bigger as it was squeezed onto a small corner site where Ticketmaster used to have an office. Salt render









The developers added over 90,000 sq ft of additional development space through the rezoning, acquiring over $6m of heritage density from the Heritage Density Bank generated by the renovation of the YMCA on Burrard Street. A further $1.5 million was allocated to greenway and public realm improvements, and repairs to the outside play areas of the Quayside and Dorothy Lam childcare centres.


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One Response to Salt – 1308 Hornby Street

  1. Guest says:

    Looking from TD Tower south towards both, Salt’s roof sits higher than Maddox’s roof. It could be that Salt is on higher ground or that it has taller ceiling heights.

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