Collection 45

Collection 45We first mentioned this project in Mount Pleasant when it was approved in June 2011. We re-posted a few months later as the marketing campaign generated this render. Now it’s pretty much finished, and we think it looks as interesting as it promised to be. It’s in the C-3A zone, on East 8th Avenue, on the edge of the industrial area. Architects GBL have designed a Collection 45striking black and white building with 45 apartments as well as office and retail components on the main floor. Marketed as Collection 45, the developer was Richmond based MYIE (Mo Yeung International Enterprise). There was a website that made us look like excellent proofreaders – we miss the odd typo, but not usually the name of both the building and the city it’s in! GBL obviously made sure the construction quality was high – they’re moving their office into the main floor of the building.

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  1. Love the design and a great location!

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