The Independent – Kingsway + Broadway (285 East 10th Avenue)


Rize 3-14 render

The development permit for the Rize Alliance development site at Broadway and Rize 3-14 render 2Kingsway was submitted back in July last year, and now has a June Development permit Board date. Rize Alliance, the developers, must be confident of approval as they’re already building a sales centre on the site. Here are two updated images on the city website for Acton Ostry’s retail and residential project, where a (now) 21-storey tower is located on the northern end of the block on Kingsway, and the Broadway facade is a mid-rise block which sort of references the Lee Building (across and down the street) in scale and colour.

The project still has quite a bit of colour in various elements, although it’s toned down from some earlier versions, using a European panel system that supposedly looks like wood. There have been quite a few minor changes  from the 2013 version, and the project is now much closer to the approved rezoning, with a significant commercial component – around 75,000 sq ft – and 258 residential units.

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13 Responses to The Independent – Kingsway + Broadway (285 East 10th Avenue)

  1. Greg Arden says:

    I thought the tallest portion had been reduced to 19 storeys?

  2. adamdoneill says:

    Looks like it’s a 22 storey tower guys.
    It’s also a huge mistake.
    I strongly feel that 14 storeys is the absolute maximum we should be building outside DT.
    Absolutely LOVE your site, Cheers.

    • ChangingCity says:

      You’re correct – 22 storeys in this version. There was an earlier 26 storey version, and then a 19 storey – and this one is 22. Obviously it has yet to be approved.

    • Andrew Browne says:

      Why 14? Seems… an odd arbitrary line. Why not 8? Why not 20? Why a hard-and-fast rule (“14!”) that applies everywhere regardless of context?

      • adamdoneill says:

        That is a great question Andrew. Thanks for your interest. I picked 14 storeys as for me it’s the line between very tall mid-rise and short high rise. I often find myself counting the storeys of buildings (as I’m a huge nerd) and generally speaking it’s in the 14-16 range that I start to sour on their height outside DT.
        So basically it’s an arbitrary number, and I’m not super tied to it.
        I do believe though that the towers at Knight & Kingsway, Nanaimo & Kingsway, Granville & 70th and this one at Broadway & Kingsway are too tall and will be sticking out like sore thumbs for years to come. I don’t feel every neighbourhood needs a tower or two and in fact feel they look out of place when all other development is 30-75% shorter.
        My other main issue is one of affordability. Same FSR in a mid-rise form would have less suites with million dollar views and could lead to more affordable housing. The goal should be to provide attainable housing, not luxury housing. Vancouver has a lot of luxury housing already.
        To sum up, I really would like to see CoV put the brakes on very tall buildings outside the DT, I hope this sheds a bit more light on my brief post.
        CHeers, Adam.

  3. mellyshum says:

    Wow how am I not surprised that the building has crept up in height again…

    • ChangingCity says:

      Apparently it isn’t any higher – it just has more storeys. It’s lost a floor of retail, so floor to ceiling height ajustments combined with that mean it’s the same height as the approved scheme. (See the more recent message and if you’re on twitter check out the site for confirmation that this is the case).

  4. mellyshum says:

    With all these stories it would be great if you could post the links to the rezoning/dev apps. I can’t find it on

    • ChangingCity says:

      It’s there – it now has a E10th address, 285 East 10th Avenue – Rize Alliance – DE416894. We don’t post the links, because once a decision has been made the city website disappears and we end up with a blog littered with dead links.

  5. @MtPleasant2016 says:

    Hello, this is @MtPleasant2016, the official twitter for the project at Broadway + Kingsway.

    To clarify: The project was approved by City Council April 17, 2012 at the height of 214’9″ and the HEIGHT REMAINS THE SAME in spite of a change in total floors. Please follow @MtPleasant2016 for the facts. Happy to answer any and all questions!

  6. spank says:

    I’m all for it. If you can’t densify here, then where can you densify? It’s 5 minutes from downtown and is right above a potential skytrain station at main and broadway.

    I think, on the contrary, underbuilt buildings will stick out in years to come. After the skytrain runs along the corridor people will wonder why we built stout little buildings at transit hubs.

    Once you build it, it has to stay for a long time. So build big. And in the process create jobs in BC’s biggest industry and housing in Canada’s most expensive city. What’s not to love?

    • adamdoneill says:

      Spank, any development on this site is going to be denser than what is currently there and I agree with you that it’s a great site to add some significant density. Taller building schemes aren’t necessarily denser than mid-rise schemes.
      “One size fits all” design doesn’t ever work. High-rises don’t work everywhere. There isn’t one answer to “how to build a dense, vibrant, sustainable city”. Neighbourhoods have a say on their pattern of development. The neighbours have spoken. The answer is too high.

  7. Eliza says:

    I currently live in the Studio10 building on 10th Ave DIRECTLY across the street from where this is going to be built. My front window looks out on the current Cantu Building and 10th Ave. My question is how will this tiny stretch of street between Main and Kingsway be able to handle the amount of traffic caused by a potential 399 parking stalls and 350 bicycle parking spaces? The amount of vehicle/cyclist collisions we have witnessed in the 3 years of living here has been out of control. It is such a busy little street due to the bike lane. I foresee there being some major issues asking that many vehicles to access parking from Watson street which is little more than a lane way.

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