Vancouver House – 1400 Howe Street

1400 Howe 20141400 Howe first showed up exactly two years ago when we suggested it might raise a few eyebrows for its design. The project was reworked and given a unanimous approval for rezoning by City Council in the fall of 2013. 

Westbank have moved fast to develop the 52 storey tower and two other buildings around and under the onramp at the south end of Granville Street in Downtown.

Very few people have had anything negative to say about the project, and at the public hearing they were significantly outweighed by those with a positive view. The design is being handled in Vancouver by DIALOG and James K M Cheng, but the concepts and details are all the work of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and his company BIG.

The scheme includes 500,000 sq ft of residential space,  office space, retail space, and the possibility of a variety of temporary uses using the space under the Granville Bridge, including a pop-up cinema. As it’s one of the higher building sites in the city the review by the Urban Design Panel was augmented by architects from Germany and Toronto.

Our illustrations are of the latest model that will undoubtedly be the star of the marketing effort, in amazing detail with a much clearer idea of how the building will look. The tower starts out as a triangle on the ground, and ends up rectangular 50 storeys up.

The project has already started a marketing campaign and has a name – Vancouver House. The developers have created an exhibition, opening in March, that will explain how the design evolved.

Vancouver House model 4

under the bridge

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2 Responses to Vancouver House – 1400 Howe Street

  1. josh says:

    looking good!

  2. Bruno A says:

    Great design and well needed for this area

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