538 W7thThis project was first here in October 2011 and is now completing construction. Designed by W T Leung, it’s a 10-storey 51 unit building replacing Summer’s Auto Body repair shop. The architect has designed a lot of the buildings in this neighbourhood, including both office and mixed use buildings along West Broadway (the most recently completed before this was Wesley, featured elsewhere on this blog).

Although he’s designed a lot of buildings, some of the biggest schemes the W T Leung office has designed are just showing up. There’s  a 12 storey building on Kingsway, and also a 17 storey building proposed for Westbank Projects at 601 Main Street which will replace an abandoned Casino.

cambie+7 renderThis building is tall for the neighbourhood, and while it isn’t very different from the render that was posted on site, it’s more of a background building than some of the more complex designs that will soon be completed elsewhere in the Main & Cambie areas.

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3 Responses to Cambie+7

  1. John Wilson says:

    The people in that area are going to be surrounded by construction for the next few years. When it’s all done though, there will be some decent infill, and added vibrancy to the neighbourhood.

  2. spank says:

    If we ever build the Broadway Corridor Skytrain, this area would become even more highly desirable than it already is.
    You can imagine the Cambie Village becoming a serious transit node with large towers popping up.

    Ironically, the moment the Broadway Skytrain opened, I bet the Canada Line would be made way overcapacity and in need of expansion.

    • ChangingCity says:

      The number of sites remaining to redevelop in that area are steadily going down, and the viewcone to City Hall limits the potential for towers so there may not be dramatic change, whenever transit improvements finally occur. There’s already a significant resident and employment density in the area anyway, so other station areas may have greater potential.

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