Sixth and Willow

Sixth & Willow 2

Construction of this 6th Avenue townhouse project is wrapping up, under two years after the demolition of the Apple Market mini mall that used to be located there.

The 25 unit townhouse project is one of the last credited to Macfarlane Green Biggar before their split, but really this is a Michael Green design and it’s in sharp contrast Sixth & Willow 3to many of the 80s postmodern buildings and stucco boxes in the surrounding Fairview Slopes area. It’s a difficult project to photograph as there’s no sidewalk on the other side of 6th Avenue, but it has a number of interesting details. The second row of townhouses (in the courtyard) are seriously contemporary white boxes.

The front of the building (facing 6th Avenue) has a rusted steel frame (we assume it’s corten steel, like the panels on the Willow Street facade). The frame acts as a screen onto 6th Avenue, which has a significant traffic flow, but allows the north light into the homes with almost no interruption.

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6 Responses to Sixth and Willow

  1. John Polglase says:

    I really like this building and the steel fins on the facade. I was wondering if beyond privacy there is any acoustic benefit in baffling the traffic noise?

    • ChangingCity says:

      The architect’s website doesn’t explain the purpose – but we’re thinking it might have both visual and acoustic benefits.

  2. P. White says:

    Aiming for “cutting edge” the architects have missed and instead hit “post-apocalyptic eyesore.” However, they may have succeeded in some kind of profound social commentary by erecting a structure that will not have to wait a few decades before looking like a bombed-out tenement.

  3. D. Bils says:

    The interior does not disappoint. It feels like Folsom Prison. Rust is performing up to the architect’s expectations, and migrating onto the flashing and cladding of the building already. The strata are going to have a nightmare on their hands.

  4. Sally says:

    It looks hideous. A jail for sure. Maybe in ten years time it will turn into a crackhead’s haven. Subsidized housing. Free bus rides and train stn just down the road.

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