The Mark

The Mark 1

The Mark sits close to Granville Street (actually, right next to the Seymour off-ramp from the Granville Bridge) where briefly there was a community garden, and before that Carlos ‘n Bud’s bar in a former garage. It’s hard to exactly replicate the render because, as with another recent post, the Granville Bridge off-ramps insist on pushing themselves into the picture even if the render artist managed to hide them away. While the massing stayed the same, there were several amendments to the details of the design, including making the balconies on the upper floors quite a bit bigger and changing the glazing detail to add spandrel (the white panels) rather than all curtain wall glass.

The project was initially a typical (if significant) 330 ft tower which earned its extra height with a transfer of heritage density and an on-site childcare facility. A further height increase was then permitted to 41 storeys – closer to 400 ft tall. The project was designed by Hotson Bakker Bonniface Haden (now called Dialog), although IBI Group were the architect of record. It has over 300 units in an unusually pointed design, that is all the more noticable by sitting next to The 501, a curved tower. Check here if you want to see what used to be on the site.

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5 Responses to The Mark

  1. John Wilson says:

    I wonder if that brown siding is corten steel?

    • ChangingCity says:

      It doesn’t look like it in the more detailed images on the development website – it seems to be ridged. The only corten we can recall appearing recently is on the office addition to the Yaletown Brewpub. There’s also a rusty steel frame on a townhouse project on West 4th that hasn’t quite completed yet.

  2. John Wilson says:

    Maybe it’s corrugated corten steel?

    • ChangingCity says:

      That’s always possible. There’s nothing on the developer’s website to clarify the materials, and the Urban Design Panel minutes noted ” the LEED™ Gold strategies which include curtain wall, fritted glass, textured concrete, metal panel cladding, moveable privacy screens and aluminum shading devices.” They’re just about at grade now, so it should become clear in 41 storeys time!

      UPDATE – it’s painted corrigated metal, although a sort of rusty red colour.

      • John Wilson says:

        Textured concrete sounds interesting. I’m always dissapointed with how nobody ever does anything interesting with the concrete in this city.

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