6 & fir


Here’s a recently completed Henriquez Parners project for Westbank. Architect Gregory Henriquez said it is “the most beautiful residential building I have ever designed”. It has a curved face looking out to English Bay, with a more conventional streetwall facing 6th Avenue. If it was located Downtown it would be a midrise building, but on Burrard Slopes it’s a tower, with 47 strata units on 15 floors.

We’ve tried to compare the finished article with the initial render – and in many ways it’s a close fit. The one glaringly obvious difference when trying to replicate the image is that by some strange oversight the render omits the Granville Street offramp that cuts across the view. To achieve the exact angle portrayed you would be under the bridge looking at the mid 90’s lowrise building to the north.

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One Response to 6 & fir

  1. Guest says:

    That’s because the marketers and promoters get their way with the renders (as with the casino pic below) (although there is a casino render showing the new Smithe Street that shows both proposed projects on that street.)

    I think that the 6th and Fir building actually turned out better than the render. The darker colour provides added contrast for the protruding frames, which sets them apart from the background, and likewise, the background has been unified with predominantly whte banding, rather than the mix of banding and grid shown on the rendering.

    Colour makes a huge difference to the final appearance of a building, and in many cases, an interesting design is dumbed down by a coat of beige paint.

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