The Charleson – 1396 Richards Street

1398 newWe saw a tower proposed for 1300 Richards (now renamed to Drake Street) a year ago, and now approved for development. Now the other 42 storey tower rezoning proposed to bookend the block has also had its design supported by the Urban Design Panel. Like 1300 Richards it’s designed by DIALOG, although this time for Onni, the company who are currently developing another 41 storey DIALOG designed tower nearby (The Mark).

This tower had 130 rental units in a 9-storey podium (along with a 37 space childcare) and 139 condo units in the tower. The design rationale explains that the angled tower is a result of only a very small part of the development not being affected by a viewcone that crosses the site. As a result the tower floorplates would be quite small – even for Vancouver. Here’s what is on the site today (at least for a short while). The initial design for the development permit was rejected by the Design Panel – not for the tower, but for the podium. Now a revised design (shown here) has been accepted and it can move forward for development.

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2 Responses to The Charleson – 1396 Richards Street

  1. Chris says:

    “which, like the render, you can see on the City’s website – if you can find it”
    What is the URL for this?

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