601 West Hastings Street

601 W HastingsHere’s the other recent surprise office project. It’s designed by B+H (a national company who recently added local architects Bunting Coady to their roster of offices). The site is currently a rather odd public space with a chrome and black dome to match the office building on an adjacent lot. The intent of this new tower seems to be to preserve some of the public open space, but underneath the office which has a lifted skirt to allow the light to allow some impressive looking planting underneath.

It’s a small site, so it will probably have a modest floorplate as it’s 25 storeys and under 250,000 sq ft of space. The developer is Morguard Investments, who as far as we know have bought office buildings in the city, but never built their own.

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One Response to 601 West Hastings Street

  1. Greg Arden says:

    I was sad to see the Empire and Davis Chambers Buildings demolished for more ugly buildings. At least this new tower will get rid of the dumb plaza.

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