Wall False Creek

Wall SEFCWhen we first posted Wall Centre False Creek just over two years ago it was an ever-growing hole across the street from the Village at False Creek (the Olympic Village). The project is on just one block – a much smaller area than the Olympic Village, but has over half the unit count (559 units) and the tallest tower is 17 storeys. The design of the four tower scheme is by GBL, who also designed the southern half of the Village, across the street, and they added colour to each tower just as they did on their part of the Village.

The first tower crane went up on 22nd July 2011, and the first patio tables started appearing on balconies almost exactly two years later. The second and third phases (closest to us in the picture) are also almost completed, apparently over a year ahead of the initial construction schedule.

We will look at the theatre space that’s located between the two sets of towers in a separate post, once it’s finished. It has a spectacular crinkled glazed facade that creates some fun reflections. It’s still not clear who will use the space as it was originally to be the Playhouse Theatre Company, who have ceased to exist as the structure was being built.

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3 Responses to Wall False Creek

  1. tf says:

    Thanks for your oh-so-informative webpage!
    I just want to emphasize the irony of a new theatre space built for the Playhouse, which folded for a few reasons, one of the primary ones being that it had to relocate 3 times due to the construction of the Olympic Village. Too ironic and too sad.

    • ChangingCity says:

      At the time the company announced they were folding they blamed their financial situation on the recession and falling sponsorship. The City of Vancouver had (controversially) provided almost a million dollars in extra support, but the company were still unable to find a way to ensure ongoing viability.

  2. Matt says:

    I happened to cycle past here last night and spotted the facade on what I now know is the theatre space. I hope it gets put to some good use – it looks great and the Olympic Village neighbourhood really doesn’t need any more empty space!

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