BC Hydro

Mt Pleasant HydroGetting close to completion (but still missing its Alan Storey art and planting) here’s a massive industrial project designed by PBK Architects in Mount Pleasant for BC Hydro. The new electrical sub-station will be the first LEED Certified project by BC Hydro and has taken 2 years to build on Alberta at West 6th Avenue. The only down side was the sad loss of two of the remaining heritage houses in the area (offered to be moved, but with no takers). Hydro recently hauled a mile-long bundle of pipes through a tunnel bored underneath False Creek as part of the project, which should ensure that Downtown will see fewer power failures in years to come.

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2 Responses to BC Hydro

  1. David Godin says:

    In addition to the loss, or more accurately a failure to relocate, the two heritage houses I would propose that another unfortunate aspect of this project is its failure to find a way to integrate with the neighbourhood energy utility.
    This much-needed substation will produce a great deal of waste heat, which is exactly what the nearby NEU energy centre craves. It would have been a welcome, and precedent setting, aspect of the project and would have allowed the NEU to use less natural gas, or be expanded to nearby development sites like the lot adjacent the Olympic Village SkyTrain station.

    • ChangingCity says:

      It would seem as if that’s down to BC Hydro – unless the development involves a rezoning, the City has no way of requiring developments to be connected to the Neighbourhood Energy Utility. Appearently even the Maynards project, right next to the NEU Energy Centre is using baseboard heating.

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