Marguerite Ford Apartments – W2nd Avenue

Marguerite Ford Apartments final

Another Southeast False Creek condo project? No – another of the City of Vancouver provided sites for BC Housing. DYS designed this 147 unit 11 storey project that started construction in July 2011 and as we expected, it fits in just fine in design terms with its surrounding condo neighbours. (Actually, like the other non-market projects recently completed – it looks a little more interesting than some of the neighbours down the street) And like them all, it is LEED Gold certified and connected to the Neighbourhood Energy Utility.

215 W 2nd revisedHere’s the image from the site board for comparison. the finished building is a bit darker than the render (unless in full sun) – but looks even more like the render now that the vertical fin has been painted yellow.

The building is named in honour of Marguerite Ford whose long history of community service includes a decade as Vancouver City Councillor and many years on the Sanford Housing Society board of directors. 

As the site was cleared the painted sign on the building to the west revealed the original industrial use of the site – a truck factory for Hayes Anderson. It’s still visible for now, although probably not for long.

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