587 West King Edward Avenue

King Ed Bow Haus

We don’t generally cover the areas of the city outside the core covered by our book (The Changing City) but we’re making an exception for this Cambie Corridor proposal. It’s a rezoning for King Edward Avenue, just off Cambie Street, covered by the Cambie Corridor Plan. The plan calls for a 4-storey project, but this proposal is at six, justified (the application says) by the unusual and expensive heritage preservation that’s proposed.

The Bow-Haus would take Ross Lort’s 1942 heritage Cotswold Cottage that currently sits on the site, remove it temporarily and then reinstall it on the roof to cover the elevator box. The remainder of the cottage would be used as a doggie daycare – hence the name, and the architects, Bell, Aitken, Ramsay, King are suggesting the noise from the daycare would not be heard on the street.

Rezonings have to achieve LEED Gold or higher, and the sustainability feature being added here is a two metre diameter metal exercise wheel that would be installed next to the cottage, with the larger dogs generating electricity to supply the daycare and the building. This feature is co-designed with prolific local architects GerBiL. The project will first have to go to the Urban Design Panel – it isn’t clear how many of the panel are dog owners.

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5 Responses to 587 West King Edward Avenue

  1. David Godin says:

    It’s certainly not facadism; do we have a term for rooftop heritage preservation? I found out some info about the project’s marketing plan and it seems they can sum up their ideal purchaser in one word: http://bit.ly/10sAuBQ Happy April 1st

  2. Wayne says:

    It’s April Fools Day isn’t it. 🙂

  3. Rico says:

    I am glad some people are more on the ball than me.

  4. Adam Fitch says:

    It’s actually quite an attractive building, from the rendering. And not to much different from some of the heritage agreement facadism projects that have actually been built in Vancouver. Based on what some people think of the pace of development in Vancouver, this could well be our future.

    • ChangingCity says:

      Rumour has it that there’s a real project coming forward for this site – but it will be townhouses.

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