Tate – 1265 Howe Street

Howe St modelWe first saw this project nearly a year ago when it had received its rezoning. Now it’s successfully taken a further visit to the Urban Design Panel before it heads forward to get a Development Permit.

It’s located in Downtown South, South (the part of Downtown South between Drake and Davie which initially saw less activity overall than the more active Seymour and Richards areas to the east). The Hong Kong based Bonds Group have proposed a 375′ tower designed by Merrick Architecture which would sit right next door to the non-market project at 1249. We’ve left the earlier rezoned version of the model of the 41 storey tower on the right. The design includes 10,000 sq ft of artists studios – no residential element to them, just artists work space for up to 20 artists. Presumably the design requirements to make the tower more slender, and floorplates slightly smaller, is represented in the tower redesign.

Initially marketed as Tate on Howe. there appears to be a name change after only a few months of sales.

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One Response to Tate – 1265 Howe Street

  1. John Wilson says:

    This building and the one currently under construction across the street from it will hopefully do a lot to energize the area around Drake & Howe. It’s a bit of a dead zone at the moment.

    Hopefully those artist studios will have some ground floor interaction to them, instead of being closed off. Sort of like how Railspur Alley is on Granville Island.

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