Pinnacle – West 2nd Avenue

Pinnacle Living W 2nd

Pinnacle have now effectively completed their next phase of their South East False Creek development, two buildings with the taller one on the corner of West 2nd and Manitoba. In October 2012 we said we expected it should be possible to tell if the render looked anything like the real thing some time in the spring. Well here we are with nine days to go before spring arrives, and we can compare.

We’ve aligned a photograph to match the render, just like we do with historical photographs on another blog. The trees are still to be planted, and they’ll make a difference, and once the retail units are occupied it will brighten the street front, but overall it’s a good match. The biggest difference seems to be a subtle one where the actual building is slightly greyer than the render, although that’s probably more practical in a climate where white often turns green.

Bingham Hill Architect’s design accentuates the slight angle on the street grid here by creating a design that suggests two elements of the building having crashed into each other – or perhaps part of the building pivoting at a slight angle. The finished building is more interesting as a result, and the coloured panels certainly liven an otherwise muted colour scheme. The building behind this one, ‘The One’ is now under construction, and so is West across the street, so the building’s context will change significantly in the next year or so.

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