McLaren House – Howe Street

McLarenGetting close to completion, here’s another of the 14 projects funded by the Province on land owned by the City of Vancouver to create non-market housing for the homeless and hard-to-house. Construction started in July 2011, so it’s taken about 18 months to build.

This one is designed by gBL Architects, and will be operated by the McLaren Housing Society with 110 suites, including three townhouses.

The block that it sits on has seen Alto, a new condo project to the north, and will be home to another condo project, a tower designed by Merrick Architecture to the south. That will be the entire half block rebuilt in only a few years.

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2 Responses to McLaren House – Howe Street

  1. kaequan says:

    They’re still trying to find a space for the Odyssey? Where did you hear that?

    • ChangingCity says:

      City Council (in turning down a proposed Denman Street location for the relocated nightclub) authorised staff to try to help find a suitable alternative location. We’ve just re-edited the post as we wrote that the Odyssey was looking to relocate a while ago, when the project was first under construction, and as everything seems to have gone very quiet on the club relocation front it may be that they’ve given up – we’ve seen nothing to suggest they’re still looking for a new home in quite a while.

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