500 West 12th Avenue

The Plaza 500 Hotel across from City Square has been closed for a couple of years, and is part way through a makeover to turn it into the Hotel Indigo, described as “an upscale boutique property (which) will offer luxury accommodations with spacious light filled guest rooms”. Perhaps not any more, as there’s a development application to convert the hotel into 106 rental apartments. There’s a recent similar conversion on Robson Street of the Pacific Palisades hotel, and the Coast Plaza on Denman Street has a similar conversion in its future. The original rezoning was approved in 1970 for Lort and Lort Architects, so that’s presumably who designed the hotel, although it wasn’t completed until 1977. The developer was Ben Wosk, whose decision to add a beer parlour to the hotel (The Jolly Alderman) was very controversial at the time.

There are two hotels under construction at present, the un-named West Georgia twisting tower, and the Hilton on Robson Street

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2 Responses to 500 West 12th Avenue

  1. Someone needs to finish this off. It grows more pathetic each day I drive by it, and it’s right across from City Hall (to say nothing of the former gas station on the other corner which has been vacant for years). Isn’t the Cambie Corridor supposed to be a future high-growth area?

    • ChangingCity says:

      The project will presumably start up again if residential use gets approved – and we can’t see why it wouldn’t be. We’ve featured the scheme for the site across the street earlier this year It isn’t going anywhere just yet as the Urban Design Panel recently unanimously rejected the design.

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