Soho Building – 1132 Hamilton Street

Just completing in Yaletown, here’s another project to show that these days commercial space can be as important as residential space. The Soho building dates back to 1912, one of the warehouses that line the rail docks of Mainland Street (buildings these days have two front doors – one onto the rail dock and one to Hamilton Street). Mark James, who used to own restaurants and a clothing store, but who now owns breweries and develops office projects, hired Simon Bonnettemaker of Gower Young and Associates to design three extra office floors on the building.

It’s a heavy timber frame building, so the structure was beefed up to allow the additional steel framed floors to be added. We don’t yet know the occupants of the retail space, but Technicolor have taken all the office space on the upper floors of the now 50,000 square foot building. It looks as if the original building was designed by MacKenzie & Ker at a cost of $28,000. J C MacKenzie was the client, so MacKenzie appears to have been building himself an investment property at the time.

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