31 West Pender Street

We first posted this building a year ago, when architect Joe Wai kindly supplied this rendering of 31 West Pender being built behind the facade of the former Pender Hotel. The heritage restoration is really beautiful, but the truly extraordinary feature of the new building is the modern interpretation of a long house perched on the roof. This sketch of the project is by Joe Wai, First Nations’ artist, Richard Shorty is responsible for the design of the eagle. Joe has written more about the project in the Tyee, Here’s the building since the great unveil of the longhouse.

The Pender hotel was bought by BC Housing with the intention of renovating it, but the state of the building required redevelopment instead. The $12.2 million development offers 24 apartments of supportive housing for homeless people or those in danger of becoming homeless. In addition, the building includes 13 “healing lodge” apartments that provide 20 beds for aboriginal people traveling from rural communities to Vancouver for medical services.

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3 Responses to 31 West Pender Street

  1. A strange building since it has a classical front melded to a Native inside. I have mixed feelings about it.

  2. andrewhenry says:

    funny looking, and awkward.

  3. Sandi V says:

    It’s nice to see our First Nations have a much needed retreat in the downtown core. Congratulations to all who have inspired this building as it is the message and the pride that speak to our people and a place that our relations can walk through the door; welcomed! .

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