Paris Annex

We held off adding this project until August 2011 so that we didn’t spook it, but once the concrete formwork reached the second floor level we thought we could safely assume that Paris Annex was on its way to completion. And here it is within a whisker of finished.

It’s a new-build infill on a 25 foot lot on Hastings Street, to the east of the already completed Paris Block. (That building was former home of Pierre Paris, a boot maker who set up there in 1907, later to be acquired by Dayton Boots. These days it’s home to the Acme cafe.) The infill project of just 17 units on 6 floors, designed by Gair Williamson Architects for the Salient Group, was ‘on hold’ for two years.

In August we suggested that if Holborn Group would start work on the Huge Hole of Georgia Street, all the stalled projects of a couple of years back would be moving again. Guess what? Holborn started digging again last week.

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