False Creek Barrier

Here’s a first look at the latest proposal to solve the increasingly urgent problem facing the city in terms of sea level rise. While the city authorities are now requiring all projects being built in future to be at least a metre higher above sea level than used to be the case, (as part of a new Provincial requirement) that’s now seen as a temporary solution that could still see submerged underground parking lots and waterfront townhouses having to cross out the word  ‘patio’ on their plans and sustitute ‘dock’. The city is proposing to build a barrier across the approach to False Creek, apparently running from the West End to West Point Grey. An international consortium led by Dutch engineers and German solar energy companies have been brought on board to make a problem into part of the ‘greenest city’ solution. Rather than a road across the top, the consortium are proposing a possible future extention of SkyTrain that would link UBC with Downtown. The presence of large wind turbines would prevent the addition of a bike path. The turbines would in part generate power to a series of powerful pumps that would help aerate the lagoon that would be created behind the barrier. The biggest issue still to be settled is the cost (obviously) and the question of compensation to owners of the recently built strata yacht moorings developed by Concord Pacific.

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