60 West Cordova


Now (almost) filling the former parking lot next to the Army and Navy store, 60 West Cordova (no name, just an address) Is nearing completion as it introduces an interesting architectural and economic experiment into the Downtown Eastside. Rather than the high-end condos recently completed at East, or the far from cheap Woodwards condos, this project (designed and developed by Henriquez and Westbank who also created Woodwards) features over 100 low-cost home ownership opportunities, with various requirements to ensure that they go, initially at least, to people living or working in he area. The significantly reduced parking (to help affordability) and a fast turn round on the permit meant the project appeared above grade in May 2011, only a few months after it was first proposed, and it’s headed for a spring completion.

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One Response to 60 West Cordova

  1. You mean you can reduce costs by not offering parking? Then why isn’t EVERY condo development in Vancouver doing this? If you live in the city of Vancouver (and in the inner ‘burbs) you certainly don’t need a car. Cars kill cities.

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