700 West 8th

Close to completion (having topped out in mid June) Westbank’s condo project at 700 West 8th Avenue certainly adds a lot of density to the Broadway corridor. The project’s 161 units come with a mind boggling 62 different floorplans. The project (developed like many of Westbank’s projects with the Peterson Group) is designed by Henriquez Partners. You can see from the image how close reality is to the render.

The 17 storey height, and greater density were permitted because the architects were able to show that the existing 1970s slab Holiday Inn tower already heavily shadowed its neighbours to the north, and the project is massed to avoid making that situation much worse. The extra density was obtained from the Woodwards scheme, another Westbank/Henriquez project.

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One Response to 700 West 8th

  1. Increasing density is one of the things that has made Vancouver great. Pedestrians, pedestrians, pedestrians! Ever tried walking downtown Seattle in the middle of a weekend day? Much of it is dead. Ugh!

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