A Splash of Eastside Colour

During construction the new Trillium Park field house certainly wasn’t turning any heads, that is until the paint brushes came out. The bold colour scheme is a welcome pop in the otherwise bleak landscape that surrounds the seven acre Trillium Park and its two artificial turf playing fields. (In case you were thinking these are artists renders, they’re aren’t. These are photographs of the real thing!)

The park located at 580 Malkin Avenue and Thornton Streets officially opened to the public with a party on July 23, 2011. And we discovered who the architectural credit goes to – Marko Simcic (Google his name to see some sublime house designs).

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2 Responses to A Splash of Eastside Colour

  1. Wayne says:

    I’m trying to find out who gets credit for the design. Whoever it is should get an award of some kind.

  2. ChangingCity says:

    We found out! It’s an architect called Marko Simcic who has designed a couple of extraordinarily beautiful houses (outside Vancouver) as well as one of the city’s funkier artworks ‘Park’. The Park Board deserve credit for finding a relatively unknown but talented designer for this new facility.

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