Main to Quebec Streets – SEFC

As part of the context for the Urban Design Panel review of Meccanica, the model of the eastern end of South East False Creek was on display. We’ve noted two of the three projects in this part of the area before -Onni’s Central (looking like it’s soon to start construction) and Bosa’s 1650 Quebec (where demolition has started). The third site (in the foreground) is currently a Burger King, and a site sign says Onni have acquired that too.

This image shows what the three of them will look like together. Meccanica will be located just to the south of these three sets of buildings. Immediately to the west is a site recently offered for sale by Translink and reported to have been bought by Concert Properties. From looking at this model its possible to see how the transformation of this neighbourhood will be more dramatic than perhaps many of us thought.

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2 Responses to Main to Quebec Streets – SEFC

  1. Reid says:

    Great info for trying to visualize te future of SEFC – which has been a challenge, rightfully so. I am looking for more info on the Translink property recently bought by concert… Any help here?

    • ChangingCity says:

      There’s nothing that’s appeared that we’ve seen to suggest what Concert are thinking of doing with their site. We’ll put up a post when we see anything.

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