Like ‘Social’ across the street, District is part of the recent cluster of mid-rise condo buildings in the Mount Pleasant ‘Main meets Broadway and Kingsway’ hub. Like Social it’s designed by IBI-HB, and the developer, Amacon, have in the past partnered with the developer of Social, Onni.

District, on E 7th Avenue, is more concrete, less brick and until last week was looking fairly underwhelming. With the addition of a splash of burnt orange (on the elevator shafts, that from a distance reference the Lee Building) and some patterned orange panels in front of the balconies, the design has become a bit more interesting.

Work isn’t quite finished yet – there’s some landscaping still going on, and a heritage restoration of an old garage that was part of the brewery that stood on the site for many years. That was intended to be artists studios, although there were rumours that Goh Ballet might move in from further up Main Street. Since then the Main Street Brewery have moved in. The 250 dwellings probably won’t be the last to be added to the area – a vacant site across the street to the north has recently sold.

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3 Responses to District

  1. John Wilson says:

    I appreciate the attempt at doing something creative, but the effort is so little and superficial that I mostly just think they shouldn’t even have bothered doing it at all. It’s as if they were forced against their will to do something creative, so they reluctantly did the absolute bare minimum they could do.

    Also, in my experience, when people use a colour like bright orange, it’s because they wanted something that would easily appear bold and vibrant, because it helps hide the fact that they haven’t really done much of anything creative at all.

    The new Woodwards building is a better example of the use of screens, which are more integrated into the whole of the design of the building, as opposed to this building here, where they’re just tacked on as an afterthought.

    • ChangingCity says:

      If you like the screens on Woodwards, you’ll probably like the details starting to emerge on another Westbank/Henriquez project on W 8th Avenue. We think that’ll be finished before year end, and we’ll get a picture when it’s nearer completion.

    • Michael Thomas says:

      I agree. I live here now for a year, and from near the beginning of my purchase with Amacon things have been lack lustre. The building is slapped together with the least concern for creativity or beauty. It feels like Im living in a motel with really inconsiderate tenants/guests. You can hear alot!! The rooftop patio is nice to go up for a view; Amacon did the bare minimum to “green up” the place with trees and shrubs and grass planted in sandy soil that started to die weeks after we moved in and with barely a strata for the first few months…it hasnt been pretty. My first year has left me pretty unimpressed as a first time buyer. As a side note, Amacons customer service was awful. Ive gotten better service buying a pair of shoes.

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